Monday, July 4, 2011

my flashback n hope

I wanna to make sure that you 100% out from my life..I don't demand for more. At least can you learn how to think for others? Oh you do. You are so protective over your friends. Oh I am not your friend. If you choose to leave, don't ever come back for me..or look back!! I won't stand in your way. I have to retain my dignity. I am inevitably easily influenced. So you actually open my heart and abandon it once again? 

Flashback! at 25/12/2009..i said to my xboy...."if u not believe get lost..." that you know  he likes to believe his friends first..and me is the last..I am also looking for the cause for us to break .. wahaha go head (mmg aku nk putus dengan kau pun)... because I was really disappointed with him .. he likes to believe his friends say he should trust me .. .. if it does not matter .. but it has been too much I give with him .. all I did all the wrong .. and finally I had a friend she accused another man .. shut's up! enough a little bitch ... get lost from my heart ..syuh3..go3..i dont care about you anymore..So im become a single person almost 10 months hehe .. how beautiful this world free n so comfortable wif my life..for my self..
What will be, will be. No hope no Disappointment. So i will not hope for anything ... now i get a better 
person .. he is Mohd Nazri Mansor .. love u dear..wink2.. i hope u is the best and the only one that never leave me..n walk beside me forever...


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