Friday, November 18, 2011

i miss my hero..^^

my hero...i wait a very long time to see excited bila jmpa u tdi...geram sgt..really really miss you...i want u to know something that i never jemu see your to see u with bella.. so sweet.. dramatic...but you still cool.. syg u taw.. if u baca blog niy pun..i dah lompat3 smpai xckup tanah..gosh! i just want u to know how i feel.. i really love you...but im not yours..bella always with jealous... ;( hah.. 

you;re so your hair.. you;re prowler.. edward is mine..but you deserve to him.. i know how far you love him...deeply..from first movies until now.. jealous gila dgn hang!!! perampas!! aku serah edward aku kad hang... jgn hurt dya k.. jgn pegi kad jacob k.. hope both of you happy together..i'll wait for part 2..see you ;)

hi little're new.. im waiting your action for part 2...dri pic yg ada kad goggle... mcm best jer part 2.. sure aku xkn miss for part 2.. swear! wanna see u little princess... ank cullen.. your mom (bella) most died when her just want to push you out dri perut dya tue..really! mcm patah pinggang tgk scene tue..sad ;(.. kesian bella.. but bella was strong! you little princess dont make your mom cry about about her feeling when you want to do something..think before action.. 

jacob! hensem boy! please back-off.. jgn laa kacau bella n edward... but seriously you're  so duper kind...baik sgt...suka protect bella..thanks.. u'll get a better person.. dont worry be happy ;) ;) ;)
jgn rampas bella dri edward taw.. if edward die.. baru mustahil kn..vampire never dies... so i expect that part will found a girl.. ask director to do that.. my order!!! haha.. see you.. continue protect bella swam.. you're good friend..^^

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