Saturday, February 5, 2011

lets share something...^^

Here 10 tips To Stay Young, Gorgeous & Fabulous :
  • Avoid sun damage - Dont stay under the sun from 10.00am - 2.00pm! Cover up your body and dont wear sexy to avoid sunburn...Hihi...
  • Dont smoke  - I heard that smokes activated an enzyme that will break down the collagen. So people who smoke can look much older than their actual face. Woah...
  • Drink plenty of water - Yeah, I always got scold by doctors to drink atleast 8 glass @ 2 liter per day. I always forget to drink, lol !
  • Maintain good posture - Go healthy, go exercises ! I think I want to learn to swim...anyone can be my private swimming coach?
  • Take sufficiet calcium - Take supplement that contains high calcium ! Erks...I hate supplements because sometimes its taste sux ! 
  • Smile & laugh - Ofcos...I love to smile and laugh, but laugh a lots will make you look pretty dumb. Laugh at the appropriate time is okay.
  • Brush & Floss your teeth - 2-3 times per day. My mom always scream at me if I dont brush my teeth before bedtime. Do I floss ? Yeah, sometimes...
  • Appericiate yourself - I dont know, but somehow people always said that people who love themselve are much more attractive than people who are not. and proud to be who you are ! Do I love myself? Its hard to explain that... Urgh.
  • Eat healthy fats -  Take lots of fish, nuts and avocado...Hurm, but I hate nuts...I can die headache if I take nuts. Sounds weird to you ?
  • Stay fit - Lets go to gym and gain muscles. If only I have much time to do that...because I love to spend most of my past time on my bed, sleeping.  
  Omg! Can I do all that I listed ? Hihi....^^

hope u all try it..have fun ya!! sha dh buat half dri petua niy..menjadi 19 years old but look like form 4..(perasan)

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